The Forbes Committee for the 2022 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering come together with a vast array of skills and attributes, working to deliver the best options for women (and men) attending the Gathering weekend in Forbes.


Dianne Gill: Chairperson

Di works as a Health Consultant for the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program. Di is a big picture thinker and part of the initial team to bring the Gathering to Forbes.

Catriona McAuliffe: Deputy Chair & Treasurer

Catriona works for NSW Farmers as a Regional Services Manager for Lachlan and Upper Riverina. Catriona is also actively involved in her local Show Society.

Marg Applebee: Secretary

Marg works as a Coordinator for Central West Lachlan Landcare in the Forbes and Parkes Shires. Marg handles the day to day enquiries for the Gathering, social media, website and promotion.

Caron Chester: Committee Member

Caron works for NSW Farmers as the Regional Services Manager – West. We can always rely on Caron for thinking outside the box. Caron was one of our original team that brought together the proposal for the Gathering in Forbes.

Marg Duggan: Committee Member

Marg is the Chairperson of the Forbes Business Chamber and also a local business woman. She maintains the connection between the Committee/Gathering and the local business owners.

Kylie Higgins: Committee Member

Kylie joined the Committee after returning to Forbes after living away for 28 years, to be involved in showcasing our amazing community and supporting like-mind people to create this event for rural women.

Maree Yapp: Committee Member

Maree joined the Committee towards the end of 2020 and hasn’t looked back. She has been a huge contributor to the wonderful Welcome bags that have been hand-made for the Gathering.

Sandra Walmsley: Committee Member

Sandra joined our Committee in November and is heading up our Catering Sub-Committee for the Gathering. She also serves as the Salvation Army Officer in Parkes and Forbes.

Anna Dobbs: Committee Member

Anna joined RWG committee at end of 2020 after moving to Forbes.  She has been helping out where possible with break out groups and welcome bags.

Sharon Degeling: Committee Member

A talented local artist, Sharon has overseen the production from sewing, to printing and assembly, or our Welcome Bags. Sharon joined the Committee in November 2020.

Monica Wren: Committee Member

Monica has been involved (in various forms) with the Committee and the Gathering preparation from our initial proposal was submitted. Monica has overseen the Sub-Committee bringing together workshops for the Gathering.

Monica Stefen: Committee Member

Monica joined the November 2021.

Nadia Parkinson: Committee Member

Nadia grew up in the country in the Hunter Valley. She moved to Forbes in the beginning of 2020 and joined the Rural Women’s Gathering as part of her new role as Tourism and Destination Officer for Forbes Shire Council.

Candice Iyer: Committee Member

Candice joined the Committee in 2020. Candice runs ‘Story Time’ at the Forbes Shire Library. Candice is passionate about creating a sustainable future and improving children’s literacy skills. 

Sabrina Clarke: Committee Member

Sabrina joined the Committee in November 2020. She is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture and runs a local home & garden business with her partner.

Peter Norris: Committee Member

Peter is heading up our Partner’s Program. He is involved in the Forbes Men’s Shed and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about Forbes and the surrounding area.