Maz Rees to Provide Sunday Gathering Welcome with Forbes Town Hall Organ

Forbes Town Hall is a magnificent building to be welcoming NSW Rural Women’s Gathering attendees to.

Our Gathering attendees will be welcomed on Sunday morning to the Hall with a rousing performance on the beautiful Town Hall Pipe Organ by local woman, Maz Rees.

The organ was built in 1981 by Brown & Arkley in Northmead and was commissioned by Former Forbes Shire Councillor and local business owner, Mr Paul Coles. Mr Coles provided a number of parts from his collection, including some of the metal pipes that were made in Germany. The organ was constructed using mechanical action parts mostly made of wool.

The casework was built from Amora, a South East Asian mahogany-like hardwood.

After it’s initial installation, the organ has moved location twice, with it’s final home now at Forbes Town Hall.

The organ is located on a small raised platform allowing it to be moved within the Town Hall for special events.

If you love the sound of a pipe organ, are just fascinated by their construction…or, have never had the opportunity to hear one played live, this will be the perfect opportunity to experience this special instrument in all of its glory.

If you haven’t registered yet for the Gathering, go to

A big thanks to Maz for volunteering her time to the Gathering!

Maz Rees cropped

(information on the organ sourced from

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